Great Things to Hear this Valentine's Day in Omaha

Great Things to Hear this Valentine’s Day in Omaha

Love it or hate it, Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Living with hearing loss often offers an extra excuse to skip the lovefest and hunker down alone. That couldn’t be further from the best medicine, though!

It’s well known that hearing loss, particularly untreated and undiagnosed, can lead to isolating behaviors. It’s human nature to avoid difficulty and hearing loss makes connection and conversation exponentially more challenging. But human nature dictates a need for connection with others and these behaviors meant to add ease to our lives lead to depression and loneliness instead.

Use this February 14th as a reminder that love is all around us, just waiting to be tuned into!

Take in a song and dance extravaganza

The classic Gershwin musical popularized by Gene Kelly’s unforgettable movie version is in town and the perfect destination for a special date night. The glamour and romance of a bygone era pairs perfectly with a glitz of a night at the theater. Sweep your sweetie off their feet as you delight in one of the catchiest and memorable love stories in the American canon. You’ll be serenading each other with ‘Swonderful all the way home.

An American in Paris

Orpheum Theater

Wednesday, February 14th


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Be an art lover

The Joslyn Art Museum is offering the perfect outing for love in the afternoon. From 1pm to 2pm, public guided tours are offered on ‘Love in Art.’ Say what you will about the commerciality of Valentine’s Day, artists have celebrated Love to the point of obsession throughout history. View the various examples and depictions of one of the most all-consuming topics of the human condition. All tours meet in the Atrium.

Public Tour - Love in Art

Joslyn Art Museum

Wednesday, February 14th


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Join in the universal rhythm

Every culture in human history celebrates, mourns and feels with percussion. Perhaps it's a mirror to the own internal drumbeat of our hearts, but a good rhythm can really rouse passions! In one of the more animated and consuming demonstrations of the power of the drum, YAMATO is performing the ancient art of Japanese taiko drumming. This spectacular display of prowess has performers leaping from drum to drum as they create exhilarating music.

YAMATO the Drummers of Japan

Holland Performing Arts Center

Wednesday, February 14th


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Get into the swing of things

Add a little pep to your step this Valentine’s Day. The Fraternal Order of Eagles hosts a weekly Jitterbug Night Out every Friday evening. Can’t swing dance yet? It’s no problem! The evening begins at 8:15pm for a beginner’s overview. After everyone’s got the instructions down pat, the tunes start rolling and it’s dancing till midnight. In light of Valentine’s Day, the February 16th iteration is a “Pink Party” and prizes will be awarded to whomever is wearing the most pink clothing!

Jitterbugs’ Night Out

Fraternal Order of Eagles

Friday, February 16th


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Catch a romantic flick

A night at the movies is a classic American date. Take it up about, oh, ten notches when it’s a retro flick that happens to be one of the greatest love stories to grace the Silver Screen. Film Streams, one of Omaha’s true gems, is showing An Affair to Remember for free on Valentine’s Day in celebration of Love. Watch Deborah Kerr and Cary Grant fall helplessly in love despite their best intentions and the ways that love brings its own happy ending.

An Affair to Remember

Film Streams

Wednesday, February 14th


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Make a date for your ears

Your relationship to your hearing health is a lifelong one, after all. If you suspect hearing loss is negatively impacting your life, make an appointment for a quick and easy hearing test!

Custom Hearing Solutions is here to help if you are looking for your first hearing aids or simply need an upgrade. Armed with the latest models, our friendly audiologists possess a wealth of knowledge designed to fit you with your specific version of a hearing aid soulmate.

Besides the known benefits of regaining hearing capabilities on an individual level, treating hearing loss often results in better relationships with loved ones. At the heart of the matter is communication, and a great conversation with your partner is better than music to your ears.