Custom Hearing Solutions - New Hearing Aids for a New Year - Why You Should Upgrade

New Hearing Aids for a New Year: Why You Should Upgrade

Each New Year, many of us try to focus on ways we can improve ourselves, or “upgrade” our lives in some way. If you’re like us, you’ve tried the New Year’s resolutions that revolve around eating better and exercising more. While these are great New Year’s resolutions and practices we should implement in our daily lives no matter what month it is… why not try something different this year and upgrade your hearing aids instead? If you think your hearing aids could use a special touch, read further to see if you need an upgrade and how an upgrade may be able to improve your life.

  1. You have trouble listening in noisy environments or over the phone. If you have noticed that hearing has become more difficult than normal, even with your hearing aids in, it might be a good time for an upgrade. Especially if you are wearing older analog hearing aids, technology has made leaps and bounds towards making listening easier. Newer hearing aids now have technology that can sense what it is you are listening to, and then amplify that sound while dulling annoying background noise. Hearing aids of today can now even sense your listening environment and automatically adjust to make listening easier. In terms of phone conversations, many wireless hearing aid options are now available to stream your phone conversations and even TV shows directly into your hearing aids.
  2. Your hearing aids don’t seem to be working as well as they used to. No matter the age of your hearing aids, it is important to attend yearly hearing assessments to ensure your hearing aids are still tuned to match your unique hearing profile. If it seems like your hearing aids just aren’t making listening as easy as they used to, or aren’t quite doing the trick, schedule a hearing check-up. You may just need a simple tune up to readjust the minute settings on your hearing aids. If this does not help, it may be time for an upgrade, if changes in your lifestyle have occurred or there is newer technology to better meet your lifestyle demands.
  3. Your hearing aids are bulky, embarrassing, or unsightly. If your hearing aids are making you feel self-conscious about the way you look, it is probably time for an upgrade. The hearing aids of today are extremely sleek and almost undetectable. Most hearing aids of today that sit outside of your ear canal are about the size of a quarter or smaller. There are also many options that sit completely in your ear canal and are totally invisible. Many of these hearing aids are still packed with as much and even more technology to make listening and communicating as stress free as possible. Some hearing aids such as the Phonak Lyric are completely invisible hearing aids that are worn for weeks without being removed. This is not the only option of completely invisible hearing aids either. Reach out to your hearing professional and set up an appointment to discuss which new hearing aids may be right for you to upgrade your style.
  4. Your hearing aids make it difficult for you to enjoy the activities you love. Whether you are a hiker, kayaker or bird watcher, hearing aids should enhance your experiences, not hinder them. New technology has been developed with various environments in mind, from the boardroom to the golf course to the airport. For example, many hearing aids of today are water, sweat, and dust resistant, making them perfect for hearing aid users with active lifestyles. Enjoy riding a motorcycle or sailing but hate the annoying wind feedback? Some hearing aids, such as the Widex UNIQUE, are equipped with special technology that ensures “documented improvement in hearing speech and environmental sounds in the presence of wind noise”

How Custom Hearing Solutions can help

Whether you already wear hearing aids or are just beginning to notice some of the early signs of hearing loss, it is a good idea to schedule a comprehensive hearing assessment this New Year. Start the year off right by knowing that you are taking the best care of your hearing possible, and treating your hearing loss with the most effective aid for your unique situation. Contact us at Custom Hearing Solutions today for a consultation.