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Time for Hearing Health Check-Up!

Hearing Health Check-Up

Receiving a Hearing Health Check-Up and identifying some of the early warning stages will enable you to discuss hearing solutions that can be personalized just for you!

Your Hearing Health Issues May Be Related To

  • Age & Loud Noise Exposure
  • Cardiovascular Issues (Heart Attack, Stroke, High Blood Pressure)
  • Diabetes
  • Ototoxic Medications (Over 200 Medications can affect Hearing Loss)

How We Can Help

  • Receive a FREE Hearing Exam.
  • Complete diagnosis to identify any hearing loss.
  • Our MOBILE practice can come to your residence!

We service ALL hearing aids regardless of where you purchased them.

We will always ensure that COVID-19 requirements are implemented by wearing Mask and Gloves while interacting with patients. We do not treat patients or permit employees to work if COVID-19 symptoms are present.

Omaha Office

14505 California St.
Omaha, NE 68154
(402) 515-9028

Lincoln Office

4740 Linden St.
Lincoln NE. 68516
(402) 975-8976

At Custom Hearing Solutions you will always receive:

Consistency – Systems designed to get you guaranteed results
Understanding – Care that focuses on your wants, desires, & concerns
Service – Be seen in the comfort of your own home or our office
Team – Experts focused on hearing health and treating people with compassion
Options – Access to all Hearing Aids so you get the right solution at the right price
Maintain – To help you maintain the quality of life you deserve