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Hearing Healthcare Check Up!

Hearing Healthcare Check Up | Custom Hearing

Early Hearing Healthcare check ups help to identify loss at the initial stages that are difficult to detect. Check ups can also identify issues like Dementia and Cardiovascular Diseases.

How We Can Help

  • Receive a FREE Hearing Exam.
  • Complete diagnosis to identify any hearing loss.
  • Our MOBILE practice can come to your residence!

We service ALL hearing aids regardless of where you purchased them.

We will always ensure that COVID-19 requirements are implemented by wearing Mask and Gloves while interacting with patients. We do not treat patients or permit employees to work if COVID-19 symptoms are present.

Omaha Office

14505 California St.
Omaha, NE 68154
(402) 515-9028

Lincoln Office

4740 Linden St.
Lincoln NE. 68516
(402) 975-8976

At Custom Hearing Solutions you will always receive:

Consistency – Systems designed to get you guaranteed results
Understanding – Care that focuses on your wants, desires, & concerns
Service – Be seen in the comfort of your own home or our office
Team – Experts focused on hearing health and treating people with compassion
Options – Access to all Hearing Aids so you get the right solution at the right price
Maintain – To help you maintain the quality of life you deserve