Phonak Audeo B-R

audeo-b hearing aids in nebraskaAudeo B-R is the newest and most innovative hearing aid to date from Swiss manufacturer, Phonak. Audeo B-R adapts automatically to whatever sound environment wearers find themselves in, providing a seamless listening experience.

In response to customer feedback, Phonak has designed Audeo B-R as a rechargeable hearing aid. Rechargeable hearing aids eliminate the need for constant battery change and is simple-and-easy to use.

As a rechargeable hearing aid, Audeo B-R provides 24 hours of hearing with one charge, making it the longest lasting rechargeable hearing aid on the market. For those on the run, a 30-minute charge provides six hours of listening. When streaming wirelessly with a smartphone, Audeo B-R provides wearers with 80 minutes of uninterrupted listening. Audeo B-R owes this triumph to the lithium-ion battery, which offers 40% more power than other rechargeable battery options.

phonak-chargersTo charge the Audeo B-R, Phonak offers several different charging station options. There is a power pack for seven full charges, perfect for those on the go. The regular charging case only requires a six-hour charge for 24 hours of listening. It is a hard-case, to protect your hearing aids, and it also boasts drying capabilities to ensure that your hearing aids do not trap moisture. A compact mini-charger is available for travels.

Audeo B-R is powered by the new Belong Platform, which gives wearers 60% improved speech understanding in noise, even with the capability to zoom in on a single voice. In quieter environments, Audeo B-R gives wearers 10% improvement in soft-speech understanding. Audeo B-R is equipped with features such as AutoSense OS and SoundRecover, both of provide wearers with a more flexible and effortless listening experience. AutoSense OS analyzes sound in the wearer’s environment every 0.4 seconds to blend and adjust sound for better listening.

Phonak Audeo B-R hearing aids in Nebraska

Audeo B-R is available in four performance levels and nine colors. As a receiver-in-canal hearing aid, Audeo B-R is customized to fit the wearer’s ears. Audeo B-R is designed to treat mild to severe hearing loss.

Phonak Belong Platform

Phonak’s brand new Belong Platform is designed on user feedback, which expressed a need for small design and comfort, wireless communication, lower power consumption, ease of use, and automation. Belong addresses these needs, and ultimately provides hearing aid wearers with two of the most important elements: speech intelligibility and natural sound experience.

Belong’s lithium-ion rechargeable battery technology, AutoSense OS, and new, slim design all provide wearers with ease of use, performance, and discreet aesthetics. Additionally, with four years of battery life, wearers need not worry about replacing their batteries any time soon!

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Overall, Belong ensures that Audeo B-R wearers receive 20% better speech understanding, 60% improvement of speech understanding in very noisy environments, and 37% reduction in effort when listening to conversations in cars. With new microphone positioning and a sealed battery door, Audeo B-R wearers are confident in the performance of their aids.

Phonak: Company Overview

Phonak is a Swiss manufacturer of hearing aids, founded in 1947. With the mission to reconnect people to their lives and loved ones, Phonak has dedicated their work to creating innovative hearing technology. At the same time, Phonak works to remove stigmas around hearing loss.

Phonak is responsible for a few industry firsts: AudioZoom multi-microphone technology (1995), MicroLink FM receiver (1996), fully digital Claro hearing aid (1999), and SmartLink, the first hearing aid to use Bluetooth technology (2003). Phonak has vowed to continue to produce hearing technology and break down the taboos on hearing loss, vowing not to rest until “wearing a hearing aid is as simple and routine as eyeglasses or contact lenses.”