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Founded in Denmark in 1956, Widex is now the sixth largest hearing aid manufacturer in the world. Widex is committed to developing digital technology, which has led to industry firsts such as the world’s first digital in-the-ear hearing aid and revolutionary wireless technology. Widex continues their commitment to high quality, innovative sound with their research and design. All Widex devices provide wearers with their trademark Widex Sound. Widex Sound provides people with hearing loss access to a full spectrum of sound, enhancing soft sounds and making sure louder sounds are comfortable. Fully customizable and flexible, Widex hearing aids provide wearers with sound that is personal to them.

widex hearing aids Lincoln and Omaha nebraska
widex hearing aids

Made for iPhone

BEYOND is the latest innovation from Widex. As a Made for iPhone hearing aid, BEYOND connects to your smartphone through Bluetooth or the DEX line of accessories. With a wireless connection, BEYOND allows you to stream phone calls, FaceTime, music, movies, and other media directly from your iPhone to your ears.

BEYOND is simple to control and make adjustments, with the BEYOND app on your iPhone. When your make changes, the BEYOND app automatically archives your listening preferences with a GPS geo-tagged location. When you return to this location, your aids will automatically adjust. This provides you with a natural, seamless listening experience, no matter where you go. With the BEYOND app, you may make adjustments to volume, program features, and listening preferences with ease and discretion.

widex hearing aids Lincoln and Omaha nebraska

BEYOND features include True Input Technology, Soft Level Noise Reduction, and SMARTWIND Manager. These features allow you to experience sounds at their most natural, while making behind-the-scenes adjustments to ensure comfort and clarity. BEYOND boasts a long battery life, and is available as a receiver-in-canal hearing aid.


BEYOND is first with three wireless connectivity options.

Widex hearing aid wearers are instantly connected to their iPhones, T-Coil and our full range of DEX communication solutions.

widex hearing aids Lincoln and Omaha nebraska


Widex hearing aids in Lincoln and omaha, ne

UNIQUE hearing aids capture a wider sound picture for wearers, allowing for clarity in both loud and quiet environments. Complete with an excellent wind noise reduction system, UNIQUE provides great speech recognition in the outdoors, making it a favorite for those with active lifestyles.

UNIQUE is also equipped with feature to automatically detect a wearer’s listening situation, balancing and analyzing sound to ensure the most natural listening experience. UNIQUE provides wearers with a full spectrum of sound, and is especially useful in providing clear sound against challenging background noise

UNIQUE hearing aids are available in the following styles: completely-in-canal micro, completely-in-canal, in-the-ear, receiver-in-canal, and behind-the-ear.

Widex hearing aids in Lincoln and omaha, ne

DREAM hearing aids are just as you’d expect: they provide wearers with a dreamy listening experience. With a true-to-life sound that is richer, more detailed, and well-rounded, DREAM provides sounds without distortion. Additionally, DREAM’s speech recognition and music listening features provide clarity with every nuance and frequency. With True Input Technology and improved speech perception, DREAM has been found to improve speech sounds by 21% in loud noise.

DREAM offers a discreet design at 20% smaller size of comparable behind-the-ear aids, and 21% longer battery life. In addition to BTE, DREAM is available in the following styles: completely-in-canal micro, completely-in-canal, in-the-ear, and receiver-in-canal.

Widex hearing aids in Lincoln and omaha, ne

Tinnitus, a “ringing of the ears,” appears in
80% to 90% of hearing loss cases.

Widex hearing aids in Lincoln and omaha, ne
Widex hearing aids in Lincoln and omaha, ne

Tinnitus, a “ringing of the ears,” appears in 80% to 90% of hearing loss cases. Widex address this common, yet frustrating, condition with ZEN Tinnitus Therapy. ZEN is a four-part, holistic system that includes counseling, amplification (to stimulate the ears and brain and prevent overcompensation), fractal tones delivered in a discreet manner and designed to relax and provide acoustic stimulation, and relaxation which includes behavioral exercises and sleep management strategies.

ZEN Tinnitus Therapy is available in select Widex hearing aids. For those who experience tinnitus, but not hearing loss, Widex offers a tinnitus-only solution, ZEN2Go.


widex hearing aids in Omaha and Lincoln, neFor wearers who experience severe to profound hearing loss, Widex offers the high-powered SUPER hearing aid. SUPER has a long battery life and weather-resistant coating, making it resilient and reliable.

As a super-powered aid, SUPER drastically improves speech recognition and conversation, especially in noisy environments, with a powerful, clear sound. SUPER also improves directionality in locating sounds, coming from all directions. SUPER is smaller than most high-powered hearing aids, with a long battery life. It is available as a receiver-in-canal aid.


For people who experience single-sided deafness, Widex offers CROS hearing aids. CROS hearing aids are worn behind-the-ear, picking up sounds from the ear which suffers hearing loss and transmits sounds from the wearer’s surroundings to a device worn in the hearing ear.


Widex hearing aids in Lincoln and omaha, ne

For wearers who need extra amplification in different environments, Widex offers a series of assistive listening devices. COM-DEX accessories connect your Widex aids to your smartphone, personal electronic devices, and home entertainment systems, allowing you to stream sound wirelessly to your ears.

For students and academics, Widex SCOLA is an excellent choice. SCOLA picks up speakers’ voices in academic settings, and streams them through FM waves to your Widex aids.