Unitron Moxi Now hearing aids in Lincoln and Omaha Nebraska

Iunitron-moxi-nowmagine two blueberries stacked, one on top of the other, and you’ve got the size of the brand-new Moxi Now.

Moxi Now is the world’s smallest wireless receiver-in-canal hearing aid, and the newest hearing aid from Unitron.

Moxi Now is available in three power levels: 700, 800, and Pro. Both 800 and Pro offer 20 channels, while 700 offers 16. In all technology levels, Moxi Pro offers features such as natural sound balance, data logging, feedback manager, wind control, tinnitus masker, DuoLink (for wireless connectivity), and plasma coating to protect the hearing aids.
With the 700 level, wearers are able to separate speech from background noise. With 800, Moxi Now offers a binaural approach to address speech in noise. Moxi Now Pro offers all of the above, as well as focus on speech from any direction.

Powered by the North Processing Platform, Moxi Now offers a number of signature features. Speech Zone 2 adjusts microphones to focus on speech, while Binaural Spatial Processing creates a network between the two hearing aids to determine the direction of speech. SoundNav, another signature feature, is an automatic program that identifies and smoothly transitions wearers across different sound environments, with specific focus on speech and conversation. Moxi Now Pro offers seven diverse environments.

moxi-nowOther features include Log It All, a trademark of Unitron, which helps your hearing specialist tailor your listening experience to meet your specific needs. My Music offers clearer music listening for music lovers. Frequency Compression balances sounds of both high and low frequency for a more comfortable and easy listening experience. AntiShock protects wearers from the sharp sounds of sudden noises, such as a door slam.


Moxi Hearing Aid Family

Moxi Now is a member of the outstanding Unitron Moxi family of hearing aids. Moxi Now is a receiver-in-canal hearing aid. This means your Moxi Now hearing aids will be customized to fit your ears.

Moxi hearing aids are all powered by the North Processing Platform. Other Moxi models include Moxi Fit and Kiss, both of which received Red Dot Design Awards in 2014 and 2015. Introduced in 2016, Moxi Now is the newest hearing aid in this illustrious family of hearing aids.

North Processing Platform

North Processing Platform provides Moxi Now hearing aids with a greater dynamic range, clean handling of signals, and tightly integrated algorithms. With a 101-decibel dynamic range, Unitron hearing aids provide wearers with a better sound picture without distortion. The dual core processing performs tasks quickly, giving wearers better focus of sounds in noise.

SoundNav provides Moxi Now Pro hearing aids with seven settings capture clear sound in seven common environments, including four that are designed specifically for speech: conversation in quiet, in a small group, in a crowd, and in noise. Depending on the technology level, Moxi Now hearing aids offer three major Unitron features to achieve natural listening: Speech Zone 2 (speech recognition), SoundNav, and Sound Conductor.

Unitron Moxi Now hearing aids in Lincoln and Omaha Nebraska

Unitron: Company Overview

Founded in 1964, Unitron got its start in the Waterloo region of Ontario, otherwise known as “Canada’s Silicon Valley.” Now a part of the Sonova Group, a global provider of hearing instruments, Unitron distributes hearing aids worldwide to 45 countries. Driven by their mission to design hearing aids to make life better for those with hearing loss, Unitron partners with the National Centre for Audiology at the University of Western Ontario.

Utilizing feedback from audiologists and hearing aid wearers, Unitron produces hearing aids boasting patient-centric design. To raise awareness on the issues of hearing loss, Unitron partners with organizations such as the Global Foundation for Children with Hearing Loss and the Hear the World Foundation.

Unitron Moxi Now hearing aids in Lincoln and Omaha Nebraska