Widex Hearing Aids in Omaha and Lincoln, NE
widex hearing aids in Omaha and Lincoln, ne

Widex has always been at the forefront of hearing technology, and now with the BEYOND, Widex opens up a world of accessibility and seamless listening for wearers. BEYOND is a receiver-in-canal hearing aid that is stylish and discreet.

Made for iPhone Technology

As a Made for iPhone hearing aid, BEYOND combines 2.4 GHz direct connectivity and leading-edge sound. Widex has equipped BEYOND with an integrated signal processing chip-set design, 100% channel separation, and minimal delay filters, which ensures that you’ll experience clear, true-to-life sound. Connectivity with your iPhone provides incredible accessibility: with the BEYOND app, you’ll have easy access to program feature and volume controls. In addition to Bluetooth, you may also choose to connect with the flexible line of DEX accessories. BEYOND allows you to stream phone calls, FaceTime, music, movies, and other media directly from your iPhone to your ears.


Seamless Listening

widex hearing aids in Omaha and Lincoln, neThrough the BEYOND app, your adjustments to program and volume are automatically archived. These listening preferences are saved with a GPS geo-tagged location, ensuring that when you return to this location, your aids will automatically adjust. Automatic adjustments ensure that you experience natural, seamless listening as you move through different environments throughout your day.

Most importantly, BEYOND provides an easily customizable listening experience. Through the BEYOND app, your listening preferences are assembled into sound templates to ensure the most personal listening experience. You may create programs on the app for different environments and adjust the volume on each individual hearing aid. For further customization, you may choose between clarity of speech and comfort, and adjust the directionality of BEYOND’s microphones for improved speech recognition.

If you happen to misplace your hearing aids, never fear! The BEYOND app can easily locate your hearing aids, through wireless connectivity. Additionally, TRI-LINK technology provides an extra level of connectivity. BEYOND is equipped with a telecoil, to connect your aids to hearing loops in public spaces, as well as home entertainment systems.

widex hearing aids in Omaha and Lincoln, ne

BEYOND Listening Features

BEYOND provides wearers with all of Widex’s best listening features, which include True Input Technology, Soft Level Noise Reduction, and SMARTWIND Manager. These features allow you to experience sounds at their most natural, while making behind-the-scenes adjustments to ensure comfort and clarity.

True Input Technology provides advanced overall sound quality, optimizing sound based on your environment. Rather than searching for an ideal listening situation, BEYOND’s processing platform adjusts to create the best listening conditions for your hearing. BEYOND captures the full spectrum of sounds; with Soft Level Noise Reduction, BEYOND’s purification algorithm balances soft speech and environmental noise. For active people out and about, SMARTWIND Manager provides a comfortable listening experience, improving speech understanding in wind by 30%.

BEYOND wearers can be confident in the power of their aids. With a long battery life and low power consumption, BEYOND is one of the most energy-efficient Made for iPhone hearing aids on the market. With all of these excellent features, it’s no surprise that BEYOND provides a satisfactory listening experience in diverse environments.

Widex Hearing Aids

ReSound Hearing Aids in Omaha and Lincoln, NE

“We are proud to have a product that sets new standards. Our customers live active lives, and BEYOND really helps them live their lives the way they want,” says Jorgen Jensen, Widex’s CEO, on the BEYOND Made for iPhone hearing aid.

Widex is a Danish manufacturer of hearing aids, with over 60 years of experience. In addition to BEYOND, Widex offers a number of innovative and sophisticated hearing aids (UNIQUE, DREAM, SUPER), designed to treat varying degrees of hearing loss. Widex is known for their trademark Widex Sound, a clearer and wider sound picture than most advanced hearing aids. Widex’s DEX line of accessories further improves the listening experience for wearers.