Can You Hear That Bell?

Time to Head Back-to-School…

And Learn about Hearing Better!

We all know the sound of a ringing ? bell is meant to attract attention.

We remember from school, years ago, that it’s a call to class and to remind us of the importance of learning. It’s also a signal for the start of a new regimen, and can serve as a wake-up call that it might finally be time to address your ability to hear, which tends to fade in all of us as we age.

Remember the Good Old Days

When You Didn’t Have to Strain to Hear…

Or Constantly Ask Speakers to Repeat?

It really wasn’t all that long ago. But if, like many of us, today you find yourself feeling isolated because your hearing what it used to be, maybe it’s time to “head back to school.” There’s never been a better time to learn about all the amazing advancements that have been made in hearing assistance technology.

Allow us to introduce ourselves: We are the professionals at Custom Hearing Solutions, and we’re all about identifying your hearing challenges and delivering answers about how to make them practically disappear.

We pride ourselves on being as accessible as we are flexible and responsive. Simply start by contacting us; we’ll set up an appointment to visit with you about your specific issues—whether you’re a first-time candidate for hearing assistance, or whether you need help in upgrading your existing equipment. With more than 35 years experience, we stay current on industry advancements that will assist in reintroducing you all the sounds you may have been missing. And we’re happy to teach you.

Imagine your joy at listening to your grandchild relate—without the risk and disappointment that you might be missing something—what happened at school this week. Think how liberating it will be to have complete conversations, with thorough understanding, with every member of your family, and all of your friends.

LEARN Just How Far Hearing 

Technology Has Advanced.

Talk about progress! Today’s miraculous hearing devices are truly astonishing. They can connect through Bluetooth, permitting you to stream phone calls, music and other media directly to your ears, delivering an ease of sound you would not have thought possible in your previous “hearing confinement.” Hearing aids today are Internet-friendly, offering ready access to a database of sound. We can introduce you to devices that are barely noticeable. Additionally, innovative nanocoating technology protects devices from moisture and the elements more effectively than ever before. You need to HEAR all the ways this industry has improved…and can work to the benefit of your hearing improvement.

Time to Go to the Head 

of the Class…Hear?

Let the start of this new school year be your incentive to embark on everything wonderful that’s waiting for you when you let Custom Hearing Solutions show you the way to better hearing.  You know, that school bell was always loud and clear and easy to hear, but now the rest of your world can be that way, too! Contact us today. We’re as ready to listen to you as you are to hear everything else in your world.